*Coming Here Soon* AT-500m

Everyone likes news and here is some from overnight about the Anytone AT500M which I personally think should the stars align and resellers go for the full fat version then it could truly be something interesting. Below are some of the details that I know. My radio will be coming via DHL so expect a small delay until you see it here as will need to resolve the import duty and taxes then it will come here and on YouTube.

The radio will be offered to customers with many versions including 12v only, or dual power 12/24v. Options will include as I understand echo, CTCSS and DCS plus other options. You’ve a blank canvas essentially and depends on what or if you want to add on extras as a reseller. I’m not at liberty to tell a lot more details at the moment but will have higher power mode in AM and FM in some bands, plus will have UK in export mode (customer dependent) and some other quite nice ideas.

Guess 7-14 days maximum with customers clearance and payments etc.

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One thought on “*Coming Here Soon* AT-500m

  1. UK dealers need to buy in the full fat version,not plain Jane version we seen it all before!
    and think User want more from cb sets now and what you can do with them
    UK users def like some of the neat hidden and open features like optional
    CTCSS\DCS for FM users is def way to go for CB as this could push new things for CB future yet untapped.
    haven’t had chance to look at this one yet Simon,so in the dark im afraid.
    I can say the earlier version AT-500M sample has nice clear display,clean internals .
    But im hoping if good advise taken, this could be a very interesting set if the UK dealers if they go for the full workhorse version,
    plus they maybe more already added new features since this new revision your getting Simon.

    look forward to your article Simon

    Rob P 73’s


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