*FIRST LOOK* CB Mate Repeater

Below I’m sharing limited information about something I’m awaiting further news and views about. It appears to be some sort of a repeater system, which I’ll try and explain as best I can on what I understand (via guesswork) The radio has two modes basically (CB & Repeater) In usual mode the radio acts as a CB radio then switch it over to repeater the radio re-transmits the audio to a PMR radio as the remote transceiver. Then when you key the microphone on the PMR it transmits to the CB and re-transmits it. That’s my best guess at the moment. But WAIT & SEE more news after the Chinese holidays from 1st-7th October.

But you can see in China these times all interesting things are happening..

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5 thoughts on “*FIRST LOOK* CB Mate Repeater

  1. Enjoyed your column in Radio User and wish it were still going.
    This could work with Midland M5 or 2 of them.
    Also with as pmr446 etc as suggested.


    • Hi. Yes agree it could indeed work with these radios BUT honestly I’m not sure how it’s integrated.

      Editor killed off magazine article as nobody uses CB anymore and more people talk DX on wifi or 4G. How thats radio? Not sure and not my fight. But I wrote for 18 years and absolutely everything all good. Thanks for writing 🧙‍♀️


  2. get it up high and a good antenna I am going the parrot remote repeater, on a high spot that can be able to tx to and then to the other
    radio, the most expensive is the meter to turn of the solar panel when batt is fully charged, got permission to put one on a remote hill with a little mast from a happy land owner and tried it out I can get to my good friend on the hill but he can not get to my home from his home but with the repeater it is a good one will have it up and running next year but it be pmr but could try 11m to 5ft firestik on a pole and swr in it will need some thing like a 100amp leisure batt +a water tight amo box with silcon to stop moisture , that’s next year trial,


  3. I think depending on the range it may be illegal in the US if it’s remote operation. But it looks like short range like the wireless microphone.


  4. …or the microphone communicates with the cb-radio via DECT, just like the “President Liberty” wireless Mike. The range of 100m-300m would fit. Lets “wait and see”.
    73 Mark, Berlin, Germany
    P.S.: Thank you so much Simon for all the interesting insider-informations every day and around the clock, a lot of work!


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