Question: Randy III Bluetooth Socket?

All the best questions come via the contact form so please continue sending them! This time Lesley asks me to confirm “Randy III is it compatible with K type connection for Bluetooth use?” As the radio isn’t available the answer isn’t so easy, also no manual available (I did ask and no answers) but I’d say I don’t think the Randy III has any external sockets for this? BUT I don’t know for sure. I’ve found a ASC button under the PTT and on the other side seems nothing?

Above shows ASC under possible PTT

Maybe it’s a cover or maybe it’s a place to hold the radio on the right side? Honestly I don’t know but the guess is NO K Type Adapter. BUT as a handie my heart tells me a microphone and speaker socket could be on right hand side but what wiring it is or could be I really don’t know.

Remember you can ask your dealer or President directly. They’ll have more idea than me that’s 100% certain.

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