EMG1 EMG2 CTCSS? Repeater Use

Interesting question came in during early days of October and wasn’t addressed until now. So the question was “Randy III CB will it work in repeater mode?” And with this was both a list of repeaters on CB bands and repeaters using 10m with split transmit. The facts are long, boring and miserable. Meaning need repeater shifts and 10m maybe a CB isn’t actually needed but something more advanced. However! Although not released maybe an idea of a work around in legal configuration??

EXPORT: Providing it works on 10m and providing the EMG channels are programmable then why not use this as the shift? Meaning program EMG1 as I guess 29.550 FM and EMG2 as 29.560FM and use them manually as a quasar sort of split (if the CTCSS can also be programmed? But maybe if 10m mode then SPLIT is dedicated on the radio.

EU Configuration: EU Norms don’t allow split frequency. It’s not part of the standard. But why not use EMG1 / EMG2 again if can be assigned to do different preset channels? This in line with CTCSS would make it compatible with the Dutch repeater network for example. Awkward maybe to keep pressing the buttons but would be at least a way to get it working.

Seems they are programmable so maybe it can be done. Not maybe easily function able but if you really want it maybe this is a way?

Radio Not Released. No Information. Finger In The Air. Guesswork Only.

But it will be sold as a CB Radio, it’s not Ham Gear so don’t expect miracles I suppose. But the fact it’s got CTCSS and DCS that’s a bloody good start at least.

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  1. I think it will have split on it myself if it’s got CTCSS like the original Randy when it was in export mode.


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