“Almighty Antennas 63″

At the blog we get many requests. From the weird, stupid and dumb right the way to some excellent ideas. Phil in Milwaukee first off happy thanksgiving and sending us the news about the “Almighty Antenna” and your right! Never heard of it, never featured it and it’s never been on the blog till now! Thanks very much indeed for sending us the details. Price in the USA between $46 ~ $50

And before commenting YES I’ve seen the advertisement spelling.

  • FULL KIT – includes magnet mount with pre-intalled 16ft of coax cable, coil load, and stainless steel whip
  • HIGHER POWER RATING – 700 watts PEP power rating (great for any radio and small to medium sized amplifiers)

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2 thoughts on ““Almighty Antennas 63″

  1. Same length as the ML145 from Sirio ( 1,60 mtrs) , i have a Sirio Turbo 5000 ( 1,96 mtrs) who performs very good !


  2. It will need to be good to be better then
    Sirio antennas but I would like to see some
    Tests, but until then we will wait and see.


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