*Inside Story* Anytone AT500M

Your waiting the delivery of your new Anytone and want to loose it’s warranty. Below I’ll tell you a little about the jumpers. It will come in a very usual way with the jumpers on pins 1/2 and the wire solid. Don’t be quick! Think about it before cutting the wire as it probably won’t behave as you’d expect!

From the Box: Comes wire complete and pins 1/2 set up

Maybe Try This: Just move the jumper from 1/2 and put it on 2/3 This COULD enable export mode 24-30 MHz plus the UK 40 channels with H M and L power plus Repeater Shift (Will Work on Dutch Repeaters on 27 MHz) and @ channels and 0 ending channels.

Maybe gives bands A-N plus UK FM 40 channels 4 – 8 – 15 watts FM and 4 – 8 watts AM

But this is the Anytone AT-500 M and not any variant of the baseline of this model that could have come to market.


This radios behaves like a President without the name badge and cost. It’s as close as you can get without it coming from France.

Uses the blip sounding Roger Bleep amongst others

Uses Dyna and Elec for Mike settings

Uses the little (dot) in the display so 0.3 is zero ending channel and same T5 / T0

The same idea of @ in the number (hmm I told someone this thought years back)

It’s got CTCSS, DCS and a Repeater Shift function.

And the receive isn’t like other QX stuff. It’s not the same at all!

Rounded style numbers, big bold display, not cluttered and easy to read and see.

President use Patented ASC and this uses ASQ but it’s behavior is quite different from old days QX stuff.

Seems a silent revolution is happening… And yes it’s really happening!!

Features on this radio are used with many manufacturers and resellers. Not only President. CRT, Avanti, tti, Stryker and others use some of the features used on this radio. Visit a dealer and try the range of radios available until you find a perfect one for you. And as MANY mentioned already this radio is junk as doesn’t have SSB

Always in this blog we are in the shit, all the time people upset whether dealers, importers, factories etc. And today the same!

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