A Year On The Car?

As a blog many questions come and go. Best dealer, best QSL printer, best DX Net and best DX Antenna. Almost all impossible to answer as radio is a minefield to one and all and what works for one fails for another. As an example. Early 80’s you could at one garage get a free DV27 when you filled up with 4 star (leaded petrol) and with this antenna tuned for 26 MHz it worked the world. A friend with same antenna hated it so much he snapped it and drove over it as it didn’t get anywhere at all for him! So MISSION impossible.

But end of year gets end of year questions. What antenna do you use on the hills?

Pretty much always I use a car antenna. Don’t want the faff of installing anything so easy is the answer. Across the year of 2019 I’ve not used that many antennas to be honest with you. But Greg asked and below this is what made the car this year.

Sirio Performer 5000

President Colorado

Stryker SR-A10 Base Loaded (old version)

Wilson 1000 & Wilson 5000 (Original old ones Made in USA)

Lemm Turbo 2001 Yellow (old production)

President New York

President Texas 1800 Power

Odd Time now and then Predator 10K & Monkey Made MM-9


Is there a best? Hard to say and not easy to answer but I like a wide handed antenna and the Stryker / Wilson can perform from around 26.200 till 27.800 while the Sirio 5000 makes 26.3 till 27.9 without issue.


I’ve actually 3 Wilson’s. A Black W1000, Black W5000 and a White W1000. Tue story is that the Wilson 1000 Black was a gift from an ex AT, SD now DA member from France. It had travelled on many expeditions with him around the French West Indies and beyond having logged thousands of KIlometres / Miles in contacts.. It holds a special place for me as worked some of the activations in the past it had been active from.

The left hand one has travelled around French West Indies. White one was bought from Maas in Kerpen Germany. Just the coil, needed buy the whip etc as wasn’t sold complete.

Year 2020:

Will try some different antennas while keeping those that serve me always so well.

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