*NEW CB* Another AT500m Variant

News this time from Barcelona where I’ve heard from a dealer another CB based on the flexible Anytone 500 chassis should and could be coming to market in the next weeks. Information is small but the radio will be dual voltage 12/24v and same screen as the released Team version.


Previously I’d mentioned this radio chassis (AT500M) as President’ESQUE and to say people in some areas were annoyed / pissed off is an understatement. So I’m going to actually say the same sentence and explain some of the reasons.

A) Lots of features, a lot of the ways President implement stuff is the same here too. But President change items, nothing is used from the box.

B) BUT President has own engineers and makes changes. So radios are differently implemented, designed and how it is utilized is different.

C) Roger Bleep 6 is the Uniden or President bleep. The @ in the display, the T5/T0 are ideas used on President radios (and others)

D) Qixiang were reluctant for years to add UK in export mode but watched the market and others did it so they I guess reluctantly followed on.

Guess maybe in translation my words appeared different to how they were designed to say. I was meaning features that they use including the bleep is on the radio. Similar features you’d expect to see. That’s all.

BUT you don’t get President’s European based engineers work, re-engineering things to be better. You get features used on the radios they sell. Some of these people wanted and they never came, some did eventually.

Want President then obviously buy President!!!!!!

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  1. the silly time again and it might have ssb what ever comes it will be liked by 1000s and hated by 1000s lets hope its a good one as I am looking for a new cb for the new car the Suzuki vitara and not a lot of space


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