Abbree AR-F8 $64 Plus Shipping

Interesting looking radio via contact form. So to address the elephant in the room this radios display looks like the FT-3DR from Yaesu. Six bands of transmit and a pretty good price. The price excludes shipping and any import duties and taxes from the Far East. But looks interesting! 8 watts power and IP55 too. Interesting indeed! FM Radio from 76-108 MHz.

And below the real screen photo

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  1. The last image for screen is the right one.
    What I liked:
    Nice modulation, squelch tail, number of memory channels, ten groups of memory channels to select for scan, multi-band, sending DTMF tones, probably GPS if I will use it.
    Antenna (change it), battery could be better, memory channels is fixed by for each 100 (looks like flaw of programming software), TX power on some bands something like nothing, could not figure out how DTMF decode works if it works at all.


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