Price Drop 9th January 2020

Just a mention here that in some market areas “maybe” a President price drop could be on the cards. According to dealers in Poland, Germany, France and Belgium on the 9th January President dropped some of the prices for I guess future ordered radios (don’t know if current shop stock). Those items included are as follows as I understand it.

President Mc Kinley

President Lincoln II +

President Martin

President Jimmy

President Teddy

President Ronald

President Taylor IV

President Walker II

President Richard

President Liberty Mike

But you know what? I actually don’t care. Maybe new items are to follow so need to clean some decks. Maybe they are all over priced (dealer words) or maybe simply they’ve paid all tooling costs so can drop the prices as pay less? If the customer is the winner then perfect it is! If you save €5 €10 or even €15 to get a radio with a long warranty then I think that’s a good plan of action.

Interesting Stuff

Blog searches on 6, 9, 11 from IP addresses in China & Vietnam = Lincoln III and New President radios 2020

Blog searches 3 and 12 from China with President “new series 2020”

Facts these can be marked IP addresses and who knows from where or from whom! BUT a lot of activity recently on the IP front.


It’s 2020 so sure something new will appear. Randy III maybe for example?

The rest who knows. Maybe a decent, totally full fat AM/FM with CTCSS / DCS / Repeater mode in extended feature with a good price?

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