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Here are the radios that have arrived from outside of Hungary. BUT the big news is that President has now a footprint, a bigger one in Hungary by the company PNI which is Romanian based but has an outlet here now via an online site. So, radios now maybe easier to find. The others like Stabo and Team with German origins it’s good old eBay or Amazon.

Team VX2412: Dual voltage and fully loaded. You know the modification already so a little more to report.

Stabo XM3006e: I’m excited about this one as it’s an interesting idea to replace RF Gain with VOX level. Modification known, Engineer mode now known and also export mode. More information soon

President Martin ASC: Now a little lower in price and an interesting package. Videos are made and need just to be uploaded. NOT a review as that’s out of date. Just a look around outside and inside, what the modification is. Engineer or “God Mode” known on this one also but maybe not on here as easy to mess a radio up as the Bill showed us!

For me one of these will be my base radio and another will be in the car for summer Skip etc. I’ll say interim the Stabo maybe stays at home as it’s a cutie and so small. For the car I’m thinking maybe Team. I’ve got it in multi norm configuration with the higher power mode activated.

The Facts: I was a fan of the Harry II and as well as Henry ASC the Martin and XM3006e are like updated and different variants on the same level. I’d add an external signal meter socket (some already done this) and more export mode features. I know I’m in a minority but like 25.6-28.3 minimum and 0 ending channels and maybe @ channels. It’s 2020 and so with it extensions are needed as A, B and C for export now with software as it is, out of date.

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    • Yes much news but all SSB radios delayed. Some till end of year, and some delayed longer. Plus now factories extended closure with Corona virus the delays will be longer.

      Sad fact is this! No companies except mostly President invest the $$$$ into this as the rest in Europe mostly want cheaper, loaded AM/FM. Pile them high and sell them off cheap.

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