President Randy III 7 Colours & Stuff

Thanks to Tony in Swansea for the email and the news. Seems a very long time since we mentioned the Randy III and according to Tony “President are teasing us” as it seems the website is updated to show the Randy III will come with seven (7) background colour display.

Tony asked me to “Give me the news on the Randy III) Well that’s almost impossible! As someone whose visited the technical dungeon in Balaruc nothing will be known till they want it known. I guess maybe the Corona virus now makes delays for this and maybe other radios? BUT you know something I have no idea at all!! I’ve asked for the instruction manual if it was ready and no reply at all. I guess maybe the Spring it comes? But ultimately I think it’s virus dependent and whether the factory is working or not.

Whispers: Remember can be bullshit and can also be reality! Who knows (not me)

Maybe comes with SPLIT CTCSS capabilities

Repeater mode when activated as a 10m radio (Didn’t know was to be sold 10m)

This radio will be the base of a new SSB hand held (Hmm I don’t think so)

Will be sold with a car kit (Randy II did / or battery so maybe it’s possible)

This time President will have something really special! (Dealer talk from November)

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