Are Factories Working?

I’ve received some messages from dealers as well as customers of radio makers like myself ask me whether I’ve any news of the factories and will there be a shortage of radios in the long term? Hard question but like always I’ve asked around including at some factories and can tell you the news below.

Qixiang: They’ve had an extended quiet time I guess you can say and are now in the process of returning to work and production. Sure some delays can be expected as extra time away means extra time to wait.

Nanfone: Located in the same area as Qixiang they are also now returning to work and expect now to be working hard to catch up on work. I guess the same as before delays maybe can be expected.

But remember most of these ship via Hong Kong and although production can be started there is no guarantee goods will be allowed transit to the world via Hong Kong at the moment according to some freight advancing services.

That’s the update…

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