M-Tech Legend IV Adjustments

We’ve had a few emails asking about the adjustment points and the modulation for FM hub as the old faithful statement “radio wasn’t made right as audio is low” so below are the points to make your audio more loud but nasty. All radios are made to a standard and the deviation is set within legal limits and that’s why it can appear quiet.

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One thought on “M-Tech Legend IV Adjustments

  1. We been here before,dont need to repeat that record on FM issues Si sigh wink ,
    spot a few interesting components in picture of interest(jumpers),does look like a proper Am modulation transformer (red one) in that set,old school way maybe hmmm,than using AM series modulation method as most are nowadays.Would need to check schematics for 100% verification,pretty cool if it is,generally good Am depth of modulation (4 times the power to final)
    good info nice one Si,well done.!


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