*NEW Stabo* XM3008e VOX

Boom! Another new VOX radio from the stable of Stabo under the ownership of President in France. Boy oh Boy have I got loads to say about this. I have amazing amount of things to say!! BUT as pubs are closing or now closed I’ll not say much but I’ll say enough to make some points interesting. Usual story of link and photos are below! Once I found out if the bounty on my head is also released I’ll really have loads to say.

First news is that the transmitted audio is Very Very Good….

Link: https://tinyurl.com/s9c6owf


So this radio comes with a band rU which isn’t export so that’s something new and interesting. It comes with something called a “noise gate amplifier” which I’ve heard months back (on a recording from a PC in China) and it sounded interesting. But now I’ve no new information. And I understand it has something special that makes the audio strong and also good quality! On the other hand it seems to have different firmware than let’s face it the AT500 / Team VX2412 / Jopix GS60 as the CTCSS isn’t mentioned now anywhere. BUT being from the dungeon in Balaruc it’ll be different in many ways and not just software. Not sold in Hungary but I’m going to try and find one in Europe to look at. There is enough still inside me curious to have a look. And believe I’ve a lot of things on my mind to say about this one so stay tuned (if I can get one)

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