Maxlog Isn’t Qixiang!

I received a rather weird email informing me that the “Anytone years are finished” and it came from an American reader from the blog. After more questions I’m informed that the Magnum-1 was deleted “As the factory closed down” and as this was Qixiang then Anytone is finished. And that an Anytone 5555 is basically a Maxlog with different front! A dealer has told this on a video I’m informed.


I’m in contact with Qixiang like always, nothing changed for them at all

Maxlog isn’t Qixiang! They are different entities and as such not the same company

Radios from Maxlog looked similar YES I agree!

I’ve spoken to the owner of Maxlog many times over the years and I can say he’s not having units made by Qixiang for Maxlog. And the latter Magnum 1 radios I’d say were more American inside than anyone else as the Palomar engineers made what was a borderline radio at first into a very good radio!

So Anytone isn’t going anywhere! The factory now makes radios for many companies worldwide and will continue to do so. YES maybe tricky now with COVID19 but it’s the same worldwide. We all need sit and wait! But they’ve not closed down Qixiang (It’s in-house factory brand is Anytone not factory name)

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3 thoughts on “Maxlog Isn’t Qixiang!

  1. Thank you for the info as I was also under the impression that qixiang produced the magnum 1 radios for palomar electronics.


    • Maxlog who produced Maxlog 8800 (Magnum1) and Maxlog 8900 (Aquario) is made by Maxlog and guess use it as home brand

      Qixiang makes Anytone as in house brand and manufacturers for many others under different names etc.

      Different factories, different owners and brands etc


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