Coming Up In Next Weeks

Boy have we got some stuff coming along over the next weeks on the blog! You’d think it would be quiet but with many people at home the hits have sky rocketed and the arriving emails too. So, briefly below here is a brief look at what quarantined radio stuff looks at!

Stabo XM3008e I think it’s malnourished! I’ll be explaining why. There are things you don’t do, this includes standing on Superman’s cape! This radio has in other varieties loads of goodies at €88 till €110 but at €240 this one is stripped. And we’ve the inside story too! YouTube videos coming etc etc. BUT it’s got NG & COM which change things but is it worth it? Hm and bloody good modulation. Debuts YouTube on 20th April.

Stabo XM3004e You’ve had the inside story! YouTube videos and thoughts to come soon

Team VX-2412 Finally done the thoughts about it

Jopix GS-60 Not arrived and missing in action

Stabo XM3006e 12/24v

More news about this radio and why it could be a better buy than some others

Above: Martin ASC 12/24v

More time spent with this and we will have more news about it also. Now with sporadic-e season almost upon us then we’ve lots to look at and lots to say.

Antennas This is where it gets tricky as locked in and can’t go anywhere! But when possible coming up

Blow 760 Order online an antenna that looks like Wilson 1000 and a little Wil lookalike delivered while turdington dealer thinks it’s the same even as photo not the same, whip length not the same and so onwards!

K40 Helical & K40 Gone to roots with old school K40 and new school Helical Antenna too

Lemm Turbo 1000 NERO Quickly delivered from Maas and awaiting quarantine end

190CM President WA27 Trying it static mobile

President Virginia 2020 UP Seems to be a New York so we will have a look and see

And even more than this to come too……..

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