President Martin Export 12/24v

Here we’ve a video from the export version of the Martin ASC. It’s posted so no more questions come and also so you see that it’s not really worth the effort associated with making all the changes needed. Below the video and the reasons why it’s not so much interest really.


Higher Power mode with the QN10 making life easy around 15w FM

Low, Mid and Hi Band with UK40 (26565-27855 & 2760125-2799125)

Also enabled are 0 ending and 5 ending channels and @lpha channels


Radio makes 26565-2799125 when you look at the EU bands it covers

0 ending channels in PL mode which is also used in rU band

You loose a long warranty! D’oh it’s needed

Need more power by an amplifier it’s the easiest route


I’ve tested the radio in multi norm and also in export mode and honestly it’s better in the normal mode. I think it’s too risky to loose a long warranty and the gain of what you get isn’t really worth it. Should you be in a country you need export mode then it’s your choice but warranty is better than no warranty..

Plus 120 channels export 😞 these days have passed long ago. 400 or 800 is the only option and now it’s mostly programming then the cost can be mitigated. Seven colors also 😳 I think the time for this isn’t as it was before.

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  1. Leave as multi norm keep warranty but apart from that a very nice radio, and as been said buy a good kicker more power then radio ever made, radio stays cool no stress and kicker gets warm, put a fan on the kicker.


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