*NEW CB* Team TS-11Vi

News again from Markus from NeunerFunk and yet another quasi Xenon radio comes to market shortly with a price tag in the area of €76 and this time it’s from Team. Features a dedicated VOX facility as this will be needed across the EU soon and pretty much the rest of it you know from other models! And it comes with CTCSS / DCS too

Direct Link: https://tinyurl.com/y9v8sjux

Das Team TS-11Vi VOX kann natürlich wie immer alle gebräuchlichen Ländernormen:

  • DE = 80 Kanal FM 4W / 40 Kanal AM 4W
  • CE = Cept 40 Kanal FM 4W
  • EU = Spanien, Italien 40 Kanal FM 4W / 40 Kanal AM 4W
  • UK = 40 Kanal FM 4W Cept / 40 UK-Kanäle FM 4W
  • PL = Polen 40 Kanal FM 4W / 40 Kanal AM 4W
  • IN = Indien 27 Kanal FM 4W/ 27 Kanal AM 4W
  • I2 = Italien 36 Kanal FM 4W / 36 Kanal AM 4W

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