Pub Talk! Stabo XM3008e

It’s taken sometime but I’m back on the subject of this expensive cheap radio. I say expensive as it’s over €200 and I say cheap because it’s been gutted of many goodies and left malnourished and somewhat lacking WOW but full of great ideas on the other hand.

It’s had CTCSS taken away, repeater mode, variable power and multiple roger bleeps. But it has 400 channels export mode and UK in export mode. In these words I mean when looked at in the light of the Team VX2412 whose case is similar.

Below some relatives in case department.

People don’t want to loose a very long warranty so they keep it standard and the modifying of these AM/FM radios isn’t as common as “back in the day”

This radio is absolutely more EU than China! It’s behavior is more refined, tuned and not so brash and loud.

NG Noise Gate

COM Compander

Two really good features and guess they’ll show up in a top end French President? If not then why not!


I thought that it would be obvious to have hi, medium and low power in extended mode. But it wasn’t to be. Has the 13N10 transistor.

I thought obviously for a €200 plus radio they’d keep at least some of the goodies of cheaper relatives with case look a like radios. Nope! Wrong again!

In an expensive radio you’d imagine something to set it apart from cheaper cased variants? OH I forgot one right thought it has the two above software features NG and COM which set this aside from the others AND dynamite sounding audio too.

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