*Video* Stabo XM 3004e VOX

Finally we’ve uploaded the video on this super small radio and see it switched on and not simply the Internals. What needs to be said is that with the supplied microphone and also with the Komunica we’ve featured yesterday the audio is superb. AM and also FM it’s defined and sounds well. Only issue is the price! It’s bloody expensive at €220 plus shipping ( £195 ) so YEP it’s a take the piss price as radios cheaper come with more features.

But it’s got ANL, all EU norms plus rU inside. Seven color display, Roger Bleep and the most annoying key bleep which can be disabled. But it’s the audio and the VOX which will be needed under the new EU guidelines. But it’s the audio? What has been done to make it actually sound good. Not robotic, not strangled but really nice! Rig technicians and google engineers note the radio has a non adjustment board so “god mode” needed to make changes. You could pile these up and sell them like beer or ice creams if the cost was better. But it’s not! Guess trucks and niche areas for sales sadly will be the radios eventual home.

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  1. Warranty no point in loosing it ,Price its allot of money, but to loose the warranty for not allot if left as it is a great radio but as you believe there is better for a lot less, shame it might never go any further.


    • It’s small, good receive and super good transmit audio on AMFM. It’s just the cost! £200 almost for a simple radio. But after this COVID19 sure prices can jump again I guess


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