*Mod* CRT Millenium & Other’s??

During lockdown the usual emails have almost quadrupled about all things under the sun. One of the main ones have been cheap CB radios and modifications. So below we’ve got the CRT modification and can be it’ll work on those radios that look the same? Who knows! But below is the modification “one last time”

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  1. Dear Simon thanks for all your interesting mods. I have just bought a CRT MILLENNIUM v3. I have managed to try out all of your mods apart from the 28.0 – 29.7Mhz.
    When I put the jumper across op2 it doesn’t appear to change anything. I am unable to get menu h.
    I have tried this on another CRT MILLENNIUM v3 and get the same result.
    Please could you help, I sure I am missing something.
    Best regards Geoff.


    • Hi Geoff. I’m not sure what you need as such? For high power in 10m mode

      When the power is off, please hold PTT and RFG together and turn on the power again, to switch the power to 8W AM/FM

      If your trying to activate high power in multi-norm then you need both OP1 and OP2 closed.

      Let me know if it helps or if I’ve missed the point.



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