*Video* Adjustment Menu (Updated)

This is not a “how to” but more of a look and see what’s inside. My thanks to Simon who wrote to me and asked about the chances of being a hidden menu inside some recently released and popular radios. I gave an idea that “could be” and then he took over and did all the hard work and found the hidden Team or QX Mode, Stabo Mode or whatever you’d like to call it. If you want it you’ll find it, I’ve adjusted just the deviation on FM that’s it. BUT easy to mess up and just showed here to actually show the lowest and the highest frequencies of these two radios. That’s it!

After some dealers asked me not to explain the process I’m not adding it online. The original sender doesn’t want it done either. Too many people can mess up radios and then have a paperweight. It’s easy! On the blog how it’s done can be found on other radios. But I can’t add it as respect those who’ve told me not to do it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I’m sure it’ll help someone at some point. Now if we could just find those menus for the stryker sr-25mc (anytone hera) so we could adjust AM mod!


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