*Inside Look* Team TS-11vi

CB Radio gets more interesting these times as it appears more and more items are shared across multiple brands. I’m excited to see UP/DWN channel change on the new small Team. This has been discussed to death with the factory and occasional dealer for YEARS! Without it your limited. CB is freedom, personal preference and not a company who insists its there way. Those times should be gone now! eLEC & dYNa for electret and dynamic microphone now pops up on the Team radio also. Bit of a surprise.

Manual: https://tinyurl.com/yakqmu5f

Interesting to see it includes @lpha and ESP shows on screen but not implemented as I know in the radio? But need look more into it. Roger Bleep 6 = Presidents usual bleep.

FQP13N10 Providing the output.

Again the standard idea implemented in CRT Mini, Bill, SR-25Mc and many others.

Otherwise added VOX and CTCSS for a great price. What’s under the export mode hood is another matter needing to be looked at. Saying that the previous release VX2412 blows away the theory expensive bought means lacks features. It’s got them by the plate full.

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