*Service / Overview* tti TCB-H100

Below we’ve got a video from the United Kingdom and thanks go to Rob P for the link. This little Handie seems to have made quite a stir. It’s small, power and audio seems fine plus the echo and accessories. Lots of mails about this radio and below we’ve got the servicing and overview of the radio. Several have commented they’ve been waiting the Randy III but due to its failure to arrive they’ve gone down the tti route.

Below On Air Test

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  1. Audio on receive got to say sounded great on video nice depth impressed,tx on fm had nice punch too @2.2khz dev setting(need to get service manual to have a look) echo yuck (swap it for ctcss mode instead TTi more useful for up and coming roip gateways\silent squelch operation in Electrical noisy Urban areas)
    Nice and compact for point to point comms at 2-3Watts and very small form factor in hand.
    Nice to see pro type metal chassis ,thats a plus in my books for robustness and heat sinking.
    PCB looks well built to commercial grades in SMD.

    Ariel easy to upgrade to a longer one( pointed simon to a mod can to on 27mhz flex types fme swap over sma connector),Im sure given time dealers have a solution to this option.
    Nice drop in charger,like that,I hope TTi could release a AA dry battery case ,that would be handy optional extra.
    also spare battery packs available would be nice.

    They is a vehicle adaptor,not shown so prob more voltage to drive set to full power,BUT they is hardly anything in it 2/3 to 4watts as its a HT on small helical.

    For a good basic rugged little HT like it,well done TTi

    As for GPE Randy III Id prefer the wait so its spot on with all the bells and whistles added for advanced user features due.

    Finally we starting to see almost commercial grade robust HTs on 27mhz and not TOY kit.

    Love Richards vids esp “scratchy corner”test GSOH,we have one of those in my area too!



  2. Small but la great modulation like to see how long battery lasts but s great
    Radio CB hand held has jumped into the future,let’s see if there
    is more to come out of the makers out there


    • Yes it’s a good little radio. I have one here and also bought the battery eliminator. Echo and all sounds good to me. Will be on the blog and YouTube soon, just need to hear some voices but it’s certainly jumped into the future. And I think ??? Next jump will be Randy III If / when it appears


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