*Video* PNI Escort “High Power” 62

Hidden extra is the point of the article this time. I know by emails that many bought this radio with its car adapter and antenna that looks in some way like President New York and is called the PNI Extra 48. I think they retail around £80 from PJBox and it’s also featured too on Amazon and in Hungary via online retailer emag. SO in this first video we will show you on the car kit how to extend the HP feature. AM (Amplitude Modulation) will remain at 4 watts however the FM (Frequency Modulation) will head to 10 watts. You’ll see if it’s activated as the LOW will be off the screen. The revert to usual format carry out same procedure and when LOW is back then it’s 4w AM and 4w FM.

The video is made for countries that can use this higher power option. If your not in one of them leave the mod well alone as makes your device illegal.

And modification maybe also doesn’t work in some market areas the device is sold.

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