*New CB* Nanfone UCB689

Not legal across the European Union but the world is large with different formats for CB. Nanfone have launched the UCB689 which covers the channels which are legal in Australia, New Zealand. They’ll possibly release a version compatible for the United States frequencies of GMRS & FRS frequencies. Just need to wait.

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  1. australia will not appove anything that will go out of band when it comes to prs (uhf cb) their laws are very tight more so in the last few years since the acma have been doing spot checks on prs/uhf cb ops as well as hams etc
    prosecession is deamed to have used it ..i highly doubt any thing from nanafone will be type accepted
    new zealand have also clamped down on china made radios as of recent , prs here is a protected band when it comes to imported transceivers meeting type acceptance also ..plenty of press about it on line


  2. GMRS & FRS frequencies are at 465 MHz,
    Australia CB UHF not over 470 Mhz ????

    Wikipedia for UHF CB

    UHF CB. UHF CB is a class-licensed citizen’s band radio service authorised by the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, and Malaysia in the UHF 477 MHz band. UHF CB provides 77 channels, including 32 channels (16 output, 16 input) allocated to repeater stations.



    • And the point?

      UHF CB The radios have different banding and firmwares.

      Midland CB GO USB is sold USA in UHF form.

      400-480 MHz coverage when unlocked covers both 465 & 470 MHz


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