*Breaking News* Colorado 800 WB

News for the antenna people (including myself) President Electronics are releasing soon a mobile version in principle of the Himalaya WB named as the President Colorado 800 WB. I’m of the understanding it will reach dealers in August so I’m already pinging them to get me one! Gone has the silver base and keeps the usual Colorado base! Price and exact date of release unknown.

What with new radios, new antennas it’s going to be hard wallet time in Q3 2020

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  1. 5/8th wave yet less than a 1/4 wave on length.
    works on all HF bands ??? so it’s a dummy load ??
    and looking at the shiny plastic, typical chinese built junk with a ‘had it’s day’ brand badge on it.


  2. Should work with an HF radio with internal ATU interested to see how it works on 80m


    • I agree however I think it’s going to be more efficient on CB by looking at the description. That’s my €1 thought at the moment but hard to be sure when it’s not available yet


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