CQWW11 Contest First Bit

Conditions were odd during the first part of the CQWW contest this past weekend. Sadly nothing excessively long distance was heard but that didn’t stop some nice and quite odd contacts from Budapest due to distance. I guess the best of the super short contacts were 251ATHQ in Albania which was 428 miles or 593 kilometers.

Otherwise similar contacts like last year with an incredible number of Italian stations in the log. Plus Germany, Holland, UK to name a few. Station was more compact this year and add this to conditions the log was over 30 less than the first part last year but the fun is in the contacts. Now the long wait starts to part II.

Most annoying aspect is telling your callsign to someone who says your 59 in the log! But asks multiple times who you are…

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One thought on “CQWW11 Contest First Bit

  1. Hi Simon.
    You’re right about your 59 comment, how can you be 59 when the station is giving you only 24?
    Anyway, this year I am not operating 26/HQ, that is 061 Paul. I am only working the HQ stations as the frequencies have been so full of other hunters all calling over each other that it is difficult to pick any out. I have in this first part logged 16 HQ stations with the most distance being 205. I did hear and did try to make contact with the 251/HQ but he was weak and there were many Italians with much power swamping him.


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