*Paket 32* CRT Space U Kit

Nice idea from Maas Elektronik in Germany. The paket (package) features a CRT Space U which works from 400-470 MHz and includes a 6.25khz step and with it comes an antenna in the form of a Nagoya UT-380 magnetic based with an adapter to fit to the radio. All for a little under €86 so what’s not to like?

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y2snlp8t

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  1. We run two of the crt space-u and very impressed
    Yes it’s very small, but do not be put of and we got them from knights pre programmed, they work well great audio we made our own antenna for mobile, and used a sirio base antenna, and so easy to set up,
    And yes the get warm but on low power it’s not to bad
    But we run a fan just to keep it cool.and power can be adjusted in the menu and mic gain to found a site that tells you cutting for the frequency,we are on any just just took ten minutes to , and we are getting car to base 15 to 20 miles from out side the house, but on my 11m out side my house to my young bros house we can not contact yes on my base but not mobile antenna, but with PMR in the car we can and I live in a valley , but it’s not supposed to it’s short range but it’s working and we are happy it’s so clear no noise, could this be the cb of the future so very impressed.


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