Meet The President Adams FCC

So here it is! It’s been approved a few weeks ago and NOW we’ve a photo of the President Adams FCC. As it’s type approved it’ll be what you see is what you get with 40 channels & 4 watts AM. Comes with the patented ASC and looks a little Teddy II’esque but who cares? Pandemic year and something new. Price remains unknown. If and when I find one that can be shipped across the pond you’ll see it on my YouTube channel. In the meantime the manual is below.

Instruction Manual:

40 channels AM
– Up/down channel selector
– Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
– Manual squelch and ASC
– Multi-functions LCD display
– S-meter
– ANL filter , NB 
– F function key
– Beep Function
– Roger Beep
– EMG programmable
– Talkback
– Public Address
– Microphone Dynamic / Electret 
– Front microphone plug
– External loudspeaker jack

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  1. AM is a poor choice as always.
    More local noise to receive and make.
    Throws everyone back in the past.
    CB manufacturers, and sadly also users, have not learned.


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