New CB’s Are Coming!!

We’ve changed this week from “Antenna Monday” for a change and this time we’ve got “CB Monday” Let’s be blunt this year has been a non starter! Lockdowns and unlocks and then lockdown again. But we’ve some new CB news below. Not all companies as some won’t let you know anything but here is what we know.


Revised versions of 3 radios. Some come with VOX, some NRC, some with both. I know all of them but one is AE-6491NRC which I’ve tested an early piece. One is AE-6110 coming with added VOX. And the other it’s not confirmed exactly but will come in two versions. One with NRC & one with VOX.

Groupe President Electronics

No information about new stuff. I’ll know when you’ll know. Super secretive!

Randy 3 remains coming soon

Ronald I’m told is soon to be discontinued (UK reseller)

Midland / Alan

I’ve been testing something a few weeks, it comes soon to market. It’s packed with goodies including CTCSS / DCS, High Power Mode and comes with 3 mounting devices

CRT France

No news


No news

Ranger USA

No further news at the moment


New products on the way! Will be in 2021 sometime but what? Time will tell

Items from Midland and Albrecht are all AM & FM models. Nothing otherwise I know of.

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  1. No SSB equipment is expected for CB, nor equipment with removable front, in modern cars putting a station is mission impossible in front, I have a Kia Niro PHEV and because I have an FT857 that I can put it in the trunk and the head in a drink holder if it would not be impossible to have some radio equipment in the car


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