*Zwei Neu CB* AE-6199 VOX & NRC

News from Germany of two new radios on the way possibly before Christmas 2020. The radios that come will be the AE-6199 with VOX and the same radio but with added NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) but no news here on any NRC changes. The official who told me about the AE-6491 NRC hasn’t been in touch so very limited information this time. Maybe I was put on the naughty step as I wasn’t so excited I could implode as I found the NRC needed work in my opinion. Guess back to being ignored so I’ll go away. So my apologies as I can’t tell you more about these radios. The specification shows CTCSS/DCS and a s-meter this time when compared to nothing on the previous version. But I’m convinced it’s under pinned by the Qixiang 500 chassis version. But it’s again new versions SO something..

Got one? Send me a video of the radio in action for the blog…

Prices around €90 to €110 I guess

Rumour is UK40 will be plus CE 40 FM and not EU 40 AM/FM. Need wait and see!!

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