*New Radio* Stocking Filler AT-779 U/V

Keep some cash at hand as the new 25w dual bander will go into a new production soon. So make sure Santa leaves you with some spare cash ready for this refreshing looking radio. YES I know Moonraker in England have a video about it (Thanks so much Robert) and it’s an impressive beast in a small box. Details below!

Freeneters & PMR’ers 6.25 khz step

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  1. Not sure what happened to the pictures Simon.
    Software (V2) is available from Moonraker’s website, although I think it’s pretty poor. I still cannot understand why these manufacturers turn out poor programming software.
    Unless I’ve missed something, for Amateur repeater use, we’re back to having to manually input the repeater shift by changing the TX & RX frequencies. No repeater shift available from what I can see and CTCSS tones are not where you think.
    I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts once it has arrived.


  2. Hi Simon,

    Thought you would like to see some real world pictures of the new Anytone.

    Chassis is identical to the CRT Xenon (amongst others) Both are pictured for comparison.

    Interestingly, when first powered on, everything was in Chinese but a factory reset sorted that.

    Comes with programming cable and usual microphone, bracket and fixings. Not a fan of the hard wired power lead with cigarette lighter plug though.

    Initial thoughts are mixed. The menu system is not very well thought out, way too many buttons to press to do the most basic of tasks, some only achievable via the microphone, so hopefully programming will make it easier. Strong audio on receive although I don’t think it’s quite as sensitive as it’s predecessor (AT-778U/V) but it’s by no means deaf. Transmit audio not bad, a bit muffled.

    Finally, the box states 144-146 & 430-440Mhz but its real coverage is 136-174 & 400-470Mhz. It does have 6.25khz steps.

    Kind Regards




    • Hi Drew.

      Sadly I couldn’t find the pictures but if the board is the same then can find a Xenon online. Not a fan of hard wired connection too but guess can make a join in it.
      Programming lead also a bonus and just need find the software.

      Ultra interesting news on it and many many thanks for sharing all that you have found on this radio. For me, a few more days till mine will arrive from Hong Kong what with duties and taxes etc.

      Great synopsis of the radio you have made



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