*Coming Soon* Midland M-88

My thanks to CTE International / MidlandEurope for the advance details of a new CB coming from them. They’ve very graciously allowed me a piece to have a play around with for a few weeks and now it’s time to say something about it. As we can see below this is quite an interesting radio as big display, text graphics akin to some of the Qixiang series of radios and fitted out with 12/24v and super thin design so can fit almost anywhere. You can see the country list of where it covers and BOY it covers a large amount of the world. At the moment the cost and availability is unknown.

All the above brackets come with the radio so you can fit it DIN or indeed directly via a sucker cup to the windscreen.

Thoughts / Initially

I’ve tried it out in both multi-EU and extended mode. The audio was very strong on both AM and FM. The supplied microphone rattles a little (buttons on the top) but the audio from it is strong.

Front facing speaker is ok, although in my opinion it would really need to be a little stronger in a noisy environment.

Channels, Power & Frequencies

The radio comes alive when it is unlocked. It covers 10m with CTCSS and 15w FM power. Would be nice to have SPLIT to allow repeater operation

25.6-30.1 AM & FM both with high and low power with CTCSS as an option too.

STEP Feature. So this radio doesn’t just go 5 and 0 ending. You select the steps from the menu.

High & Low Power. Can be selected when radios in extended mode so multi norm can have a little more zing shall-we say.

VFO mode from 24.7 upwards to 30.1 both with AM, FM and high and low power.

I’ve tried it on all bands and frequency and audio remained strong and clear. AM was especially very loud.

3 Roger Bleeps. I used number 1 (sounds like a Superstar 3900 in pitch) the other 2 are too much like a cheap PMR sound.

The menu how the radio MCU restarts, wake up logo which you can change etc seems shall we say “loaned” from the Apollo II from Qixiang. I’ve also made this known to Midland / CTE. So in my opinion this radio is based on Anytone Doris. If confirmed it’s a first for Midland. They are the launch partner of the radio.

Transparent I’ve told Midland / CTE about things I don’t like and would change. Nothing ultra serious, I believe SPLIT needs to be added, steps not needed as 5/0 enough as can lost in the menu of the radio. Microphone rattle I’m not keen on. Nice idea to press left arrow in UK mode to obtain EU. Clever way to do it.

Surprises. I am quite surprised how loud the transmitted audio was. Receive was nice and sharp too. Build is good, buttons ok. There are quite a few look alike cased radios recently and this one comes out top of the pile so far! I’ve not been a fan of some Midland radios as they didn’t seem right somehow? But this radio really has many changes, thoughts, and seems to have the old school CTE passion inside of it.

Thank you Monica, Paolo B, Paolo T, Davide C, Gabriele T who’ve trusted me to have a play with this new radio. Youtube will follow soon…

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