*NEW CB* President Andy II FCC

December is here and like usual President are delivering a new CB to the United States market. President have launched an all new ANDY II with more features, more bang for the buck shall we say. Below we’ve got the specification sheet. Availability appears to be almost immediately and in December. Click below for ALL the details.

Everyone has a favorite microphone so President keep the traditional 4 pin microphone arrangement.

Also Noise Gate, Compander & VOX amongst the new features. Details are below.

Instruction Manual: https://tinyurl.com/yxavz9f5

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  1. Thanks, Simon! Usually I wouldn’t look twice at a compact, AM-only rig but the new features are intriguing. I’d urge President to consider a speech compressor in the future. Will the 4 pin mic jack become the norm? I like swapping mics without needed an adapter.


    • Hi Fred. All good questions I’ve got to say.

      I’d hope AM radios remain 4 pin as it’s super important to be able to swap mikes to Astatic, Turner or a favorite. Noise Gate & Compander are just new on EUrope models and work good.

      Speech Processor I’m not sure really. Can drop them a mail to Naples, Florida?

      I’ll try see if can find out anything? But they read the blog in EU and USA so maybe you’ve planted already an idea in the heads?

      Have a great day and thanks so much for writing

      73 Simon 🧙🏻‍♂️


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