*Inside Story* Anytone AT-779 U/V

So it’s radio porn time again and this time we have a look inside the Anytone AT-779 U/V. Thanks to “The Old Geek” whose kindly shared information about the radio and also Moonraker in the United Kingdom who I’m reliably told is going the extra mile for there customers who’ve bought this radio and include repeater settings and RX only PMR and marine band. Great idea really!

It’s indeed very akin to the Anytone Hera which morphed into many another radio. But the insides are truly neat, tidy and my guess running the new equipment I’ve heard about? It’s really looking good inside.

When I think way back to the old times and first radios that came WOW there is a difference. My unit was from Xiamen China and arrived quicker via FedEx then I guess would be from EU at the moment considering restrictions. It’s from latest production and now comes the time to see how it unlocks and then find some programming software and see what can be done!

Cigarette Plug on the cable

Programming Cable in the box

Excellent Indeed. Below CB Boarded Anytone Hera with same front display.

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    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks so much and that’s brilliant of you to let me know. I’ll have a look. Sadly not done a lot with it, not even looked if it’s locked or not.

      I’m going to have a look, thanks again it is very kind of you to let me know

      Have a nice evening
      Simon 🧙🏻‍♂️


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