*Discontinued?* CRT 6900n

Overnight I’ve received many mails about a video going around (I’ve not seen it) about the CRT6909n apparently being discontinued. Fortunately a quick Skype to the factory and don’t worry this radio isn’t at all discontinued. Nor is the version for Falcon or 5555 branded. Of course with product cycle it will be replaced during 2021 but not now or soon as the new one will not see any light of day until May 2021 or beyond. And that’s the earliest date! And the secret news most likely it will be a non adjust board. Additions and subtractions of features added by software only. Makes radio more reliable and makes it worse for those who profess to be specialists.


CRT 6900N = Still in manufacture. Maybe it’s out of stock in some places but it absolutely not discontinued. Same goes for the Falcon & 5555 maybe out of stock as the factory is busy building and developing lots of new radios but it’s not deleted, discontinued. The radio has been around many years now, it’s true some parts are becoming unavailable soon so it will become discontinued but now it’s current stock.

And be sure Qixiang are working on some nice things. It’s just wait, wait a bit more and then wait a little longer as it’ll come in the end. But some other radios are a bit higher priority and the engineer’s are busy..

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