*New Radio* KCB-3000 €98

My thanks to Maas Elektronik who’ve kindly emailed me with the news there new CB is out and about now and ready for sale. We’ve copied the link below. Since Brexit stuff has changed so we need now to add somewhere that as well as postage, packing it is now possible an import charge will be made to your purchase. How it is done and amount I have no idea. Just mentioned as a reminder.

I’ve mentioned below some oddities but it’s not my business. Years back on the blog I’d mentioned circle of wise men. Some found this a stepping stone, some not. I think a few oddities I’ve found maybe..,

German Manual: https://tinyurl.com/yyo6fmr5

English Manual: https://tinyurl.com/y57r636e

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y5zvgqhj

DE: 80 FM / 40 AM 4 Watt
EC: 40 FM 4 Watt
EI: 40 FM/AM 4 Watt
EU: 40FM 4 Watt / 40 AM 1 Watt
PL: 40 FM/AM 4 Watt 0kHz
UK: 40 FM CEPT 4 Watt und 40 FM UK 4 Watt

BUT I must mention I don’t believe the EU with 1watt is correct. I’m not also sure it’s UK & CEPT FM I’d rather believe it’s EU+UK.

And more troubling is the English manual quotes a Team FX-CB. Hm, not sure that ok. Not sure what’s happened, seems a big glitch unless bought from Team?

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