Does AE-6199 NRC Have @lphas? & Inside Story

Interesting how I get asked to “try this out, look at this or that” and when I ask are you paying for me to do it I get abuse! Can’t afford to keep buying radios. This time I’m asked to test the AE6199-NRC to find out if it has high power mode and @lpha (alpha) channels. SO my opinion is YES it has @lpha channels as look on the display and in the 8 you see VOX in one window and @ in the other one. MH in display probably means Medium & High Power, plus has a heat sink so probably YES it has export features.

The superb photograph above is (c) Markus Neuner Neunerfunk. The board as can be seen is the backbone of the QX architecture. Similar to AT500 it shows the dual voltage 12/24 and also wire and jumper. I understand the real deal full phat version will be 7w AM and 15w FM.

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