*Available April 2021* KCB-2000

BOOM! Another CB radio coming to market soon. This time costing €69 excluding shipping, duties, VAT and import charges to some market areas comes the Maas KCB-2000 which we’ve seen in some other clothes but this time Maas bring it! Good for them and long time may Maas still bring decent equipment.

I’m not sure UK setting is correct with CEPT & UK. As Nanfone are regulars on the blog please add EU band and UK. Tell Maas a concerned user asked 🧙‍♂️

Radio comes with integrated VOX microphone

DE: 80 FM / 40 AM 
EC: 40 FM
EI: 40 FM/AM 
EU: 40FM 4 Watt / 40 AM
PL: 40 FM/AM 4 Watt 0kHz
UK: 40 FM CEPT 4 Watt und 40 FM UK 4 Watt

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