My New Year’s Radio Wish

I sit and compose this during lockdown. It’s December, it’s windy, cold and most of us across Europe and beyond are currently locked inside houses, radios are on listening mostly to the cackle of nothing. Maybe the odd bit of skip comes through the speaker but as we head into 2021 I’d like to offer a small window into the reality of radio matters at the moment. Just thoughts that’s all, nothing more or less.

A, B, C

Lower end CB radios have 120 channels export mode. So from 26515 ~ 27855. It’s almost 2021 and is when this is released so why do we need this? Have 25615 ~ 27855 at least let people think they are getting a good deal. Radios with 120 channels have been around since i was just a kid and surely now time has come to make changes to this out of date idea.

Variable Power

We see now ever increasingly across the board more power coming from radios. BUT those who like a little extra are punished as radios are 4 or 15 or indeed 4 or 20 watts. So change and have low, medium, hi ( 4 watts, 10 watts, 20 watts) There needs to be a compromise as some want extra channels, some simply just want power, others want everything. So what to do? That’s another day and another drink to sit and chat over.

Noise Reduction Circuit

2020 has shown us this works however needs adaptation. My thoughts already expressed in two factories. Make it more adaptable, have it within a menu item. Yes adds costs but adds functionality. You can’t have one size fits all as it doesn’t work this way. Imagine a DSP speaker with setting on/off or maximum. This is what NRC is now. It needs some select-ability otherwise it’s a great idea that’s going to go south and quickly.

Password Controlled

Nice idea from Midland / CTE. Hide features behind password and unlock them via this system. Not sure how it stands going forwards but it is a good basis for longer term transition with products.


Some factories now offer non adjust boards and additions to radios via software. Like a menu that you choose the additions you want and then ignore what you don’t want.. Minimum going forwards should be variable power, export AM/FM from 25.6-27.85 with alphas, UKFM. It is a new year a reset after all the things of 2021 let’s see if people can see they are getting a good deal.

This article will be released on 24th January 2021 and who knows what’s happening then. Factories will be preparing for Chinese New Year so radios will be whizzing across nations. December written, January released so let’s see what radios will come in 2021.

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