Albrecht AE-6491NRC “Full Phat”

Lockdown can be boring as we all know. Answer get an AE-6491 NRC and have a look inside and see what makes it tick. Albrecht has really gone to town and inside is the usual no adjust board but there are a heap of interesting features and boy some export channels I can tell you. It’s like the old Maycom / Harrison idea of having -A to A then +A at the top end. Like the FUN function on the Harrison.

So the meaning you get the ultra low channels from 23.815 0 to 26.055 / 0 on the bands from -A to – E. Then you land on Band A to E which are 26065-28305 with option of 5 or 0 ending. Then afterwards +A to +E thus taking you from 28.315 to 30.555 MHz.. It’s crazy to see 675 channel spread! Nice touch. Warms the heart of an old pirate. But NO UK in export mode, but can manage it with 0 ending channels.

The radio has three settings for power. The usual 4 watts and then you close a jumper and it’s 8w FM and 7w AM. Close a remaining jumper to putting it ON and the radio shakes it’s cobwebs and is 15 watts FM & 7 watts AM.

Very clever idea! The board even shows a space where in other radios a second final could be added.

A really good export function on a radio. Long may it continue. Just add UK on some function and away you go. Proven chassis as it’s universal pretty much these days. Great basis to build on I’d say.

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