*PNI Saturday* PNI HP Escort 8900 “Inside Story”

Boom! Soon to be released PNI HP Escort 8900 has landed on the desk from Romania. It’s small and withholds some interesting secrets. Video will be online later and linked to the blog too. Below let us have a look!

Small. It comes with a two piece cable and a cigarette lighter plug on the end. Makes installation useful and it’s smart nowadays with radios sold destined to live in cars or trucks that it comes fitted. Importantly Radio is dual voltage both 12/24v compatible. Quite a big speaker as you see and a nice tone from it also.

Nice big display that shows all the features. Add to this the signal meter along the bottom remains easy to read. All EU norms inside but for U.K. it’s the usual U.K. 40 plus CE so additional 40 channels FM and AM is ignored. So for AM you’d need to choose separately the band EU and away you go. You’ve a selection of three roger bleeps, HI Cut, Noise Blanker, CTCSS, time out time that works from 9 minutes till off in the menu. Add to this band, channel, frequency display so quite fully featured. CTCSS board is a plug in type so can be added or taken away at the dealer or importers discretion.

Interesting to see a place where you could if wanted and guess if component available add two more finals to make it a fire spitting three final radio.

Short this component and you can make twenty (20 watts) FM but like the others you’ll loose the ability and use of AM.

CTCSS board on the left hand side as mentioned before. Small Small radio and quite loaded. Plus an easy way to make high power mode we’ve found it and it works well! It will be featured on the video that will come in the next days as need uploading now. On Air the sound is good, the ASQ is quick to open and also to lock. Microphone is chunky and sound is nice. Sellers you will sure find it at http://www.pni.ro and can be ordered, they’ll be http://www.pni.eu also and check out nocando01 in the U.K. as he’s a reseller also. Certainly it’ll be a lot of radio for the price I guess. So far I’ve seen it for 400 RON in Romania which is around €84 or £71 or $95 excluding any chipping, duties and taxes (delivery area based)

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  1. Pity the trimmers on the pcb are not all labelled, i would imagine that FM deviation will need bringing up a bit as well as power to full legal 4watts.


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