Automatic Noise Cancellation

Many questions about ANC and indeed NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) and with the thanks of Nanfone China 🇨🇳 I can add you a photo of one of the systems and explain the other one in this small article here. It needs to be told they are very different and also alike with the same difference.

Automatic Noise Cancellation

Until now it was DSP microphone based only. Now with PNI comes a radio with it integrated. So imagine sitting in a noisy room. TV playing, hair dryer on, music playing. Or sat in a truck, engine noise, radio on, maybe vhf radio on in the back. You hear noise. Turn on ANC it analyses noise and it stops. All that’s left is voice, early days tad robotic but all noise from either house, car, truck environment away.

Noise Reduction Circuit

Radio based and you’ve seen the board. This analyses signal that comes in often with some noise and process this much in the same way as the ANC device but lets received voice from CB to be heard noiseless or with reduced noise. Also suffered with robotic sound but changes also made to get it better.

Summing Up

ANC Allows a noisy environment to be made quieter

NRC Allows a noisy signal to be tidied up so more voice is heard than signal

These two systems will become big. Can NRC be integrated into SSB radios? Can ANC be universal across budget to high end CB? Lots of questions still

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