*Split Monday* AE-6120

A lot of questions to me about this radio. Luckily someone very kind within Albrecht / Midland was able to help me! So don’t believe it when it is mentioned this radio has SPLIT or REPEATER mode. Sadly this is somewhat false. In normal or I guess expanded mode it’s not there. My guess it’s more like an AE-6110 with a new facelift. But I’m informed Albrecht / Midland has listened to opinion and will implement split feature in the near future which can be soon or be autumn or into 2022.

Limited Pieces middle May. Mass shipment comes June

€74.90 from http://www.neuner.de

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  1. Lets hope they also add CTCSS TX & CTCSS RX separate (split ctcss mode \single tone ctcss mode) too,for FRN\Zello Gateway\Parrot repeaters in semi duplex sub tones (not repeater shift)using ctcss like President have done on Randy 3.
    Like this to become the “de-facto” cb standard.

    well least they are now listening to user\dealer feedback now simon.
    hopefully with these new sets firmware updates may become reality for users to update they’re cb firmware with new features\bug fixes.

    Rob P


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