*Split Thursday* NEW AE-6290

Following on from the post on Monday many were angry and made it known to me about the lack of the split feature on the AE-6120. And as I said to them via email and others now the AE-6120 is a jazzed up AE-6110 with new front, detachable microphone while the underpinning is the Smart II chassis.

BUT from reliable sources including Markus Neuner (www.neuner.de) in the autumn there will be another new model. This time called the AE-6290 now this radio will come with shift or split feature. CTCSS or DCS I don’t know but the split feature plus a few more watts WILL be possible. Looks the radio will be familiar in style to some others but awesome news from Albrecht.

And before autumn we’ve Harrison II and we don’t know what’s hiding in this beauty either..

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  1. Hi All, I’m so surprised people getting angry about missing Split and Repeater function. CB Radio i a hobby for simplex channel traffic. There is simply no room for Repeaters in the 40 channels as they are too close to each other. It’s even more stupid to use CTCSS and DCS as because CB is a Radiohobby you want to talk to everybody you hear and not “close” your receiver with these Tonecodes. Worst because al off this we have more and more problems with Polish, Bulgarian, Russian Taxi and many other countries companies who get cheap CB radio’s and destroy our hobby. So best is to get rid of all this CTCSS/DCS/Repeater/Split junk in our CB radio’s and get back to a normal communications hobby. If you want split/repeater go to VHF and UHF and enjoy. My two cents.


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