Albrecht AE-6110 VOX “Few Comments”

So after sometime had indeed enough energy to go take a look inside my 6110VOX and check the banding. So, U.K. mode is just that with no EU and no AM/FM you’ll need to change to EU band to get that feature. WAKE UP Albrecht why not have the right banding? But not my battle and as I was told one time “can’t fight stupid”

Only FM Possible in U.K. Band
Solder Jumper under the black marker

So does the radio have higher power in EU mode? Yes it does and it activates as above. To select it turn on with PTT and VOX pressed and allows PL, PN and PH. Turn off and on and 4,8,15w FM and 4,8w AM

Otherwise it has excellent audio and great receive. Today hopefully a 6120 comes and then it’s time to have a look at what’s what.

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  1. I agree,what I think it is where built a lot of out of date information or misinformation or mis-communications internally is fed down to engineering for these markets,a simple firmware tweak could easily resolve this at very little cost to end user.
    Often a Google check and you still find now UK FM only in Great Britain,some still quote am ssb as illegal lol in GB land!

    “But not my battle and as I was told one time “can’t fight stupid”-Yes that does seem the stock answer nowadays rather than an intelligent response like,thanks for your input, we will take that on-board and review it,thank you.its really NOT that hard to take on input for a new product review and if it helps towards sales of product bonus!
    than take defensive approach.

    Rob P


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