Mods: Albrecht AE6120 VOX

So powered by curiosity and interest I’ve had a look inside the 6120 VOX and have the conclusions below and for those interested the way to enable higher power while still keeping the accepted norms of the radio. BUT you loose warranty, it’s a faff and is it worth it? Below are the details for those that are interested. I don’t recommend making radio equipment last shorter time but wanted you to see what’s there so you don’t loose your warranty and delve inside.

Manual isn’t ok. Mine has U.K. FM and press MODE and you get EU AM/FM so all good on this model.
To the left of the chip you see two holes which have a white line around them

Bridge the one nearest chip = 10m Mode

Bridge the one below so furthest from the chip and it’s multi standard with low, mid and high power

Bridge them both and it’s 24-30 MHz enabled

Engineer Mode Exists and Software Version is 1.00

Guess time President will look to replace Bill? Others are creeping up and this little Albrecht yes needs a few little tweaks but short time I tried it then works really quite well.

Hi Power
Low Power
Mid Power

Audio is strong, crisp and punchy on FM (For A Change) AM also with a hint of treble, nice all round sound. I’d change just minimal things on it. Six Roger Bleeps and if you select bleep 6 it’s the standard these days President blip or ahblip from current models.

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  1. mny tnx for reply! Have you already measured the three P-Out levels? It could bee 4, 8 and 15W i suppose.
    And no, i dont need the Engineer mode but i am always curious. And sometimes its very handy: I have a PNI HP6500 here (i love these little Radios, dont know why) and the S-Meter is very low, it shows always two S Levels below. So i think this could only be fixed in the Service Menue or Engineer mode because there are no such potis on the Motherboard.

    Greetings from Germany

    MiBo, the Vagabond


    • Power levels are the usual 4 watts and around 9 watts in mid and then on high it’s 17 watts and with the engineer mode you can make 20 watts. Mine makes 15w as don’t need 20 watts that’s insane. PNI6500 I’m unaware of engineer mode I think it’s adjustable on the board.. Having checked nobody knows of an engineer mode on this radio.. The audio is 20% stronger on the AE6120, AE6110 VOX on FM as the factory has found a way to make it louder shall we say.

      Have a great Friday and big greetings from Budapest 🧙🏻‍♂️


    • TNX!
      Short to the PNI: There IS a Service Menue, i tried some key combos and landed there. But i dont know what to adjust, the shorts are not speaking for itselfs. So i left it as it was and calculate the two missing S levels in my head. This is the only problem with this little Rig, so its great! Stopping here, because its OT!

      I am on the 6120 also because the display is fine AND there is a way to adjust Channel AND audio Level with one turning knob.
      As i said above: I really LOVE the little Radios, but i dont know why… Hams are just crazy….
      vy 73 and STAY TUNED 😉

      MiBo, the Vagabond


    • Aha please send me a message to contact email address about service menu on PNI and I’ll ask in a dealer in Romania 🇷🇴 and see if any news that can be shared
      Have a great PM MiBo “The Vagabond”


  2. Sounds very interesting. How can you change the power level ? And where is the engineer mode, how do I get into it and is there any documentation ?
    Many thanks – MiBo the Vagabond


    • Power level is there in the menu. It appears after jumper closed, in fact hole sealed.

      It’s PL, Pn and PH so easy to do

      Engineer mode why do you need it? Nothing interesting in it other than squelch settings, frequency and some surrounding power levels which isn’t needed as power has good power.

      Haven’t seen any documentation about it


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