U.K. It’s Coming Soon

Here’s the answer to a few mails about the AE6120 VOX. It is and will be coming to the U.K. soon and the place to find it will be Nevada Radio in Portsmouth. They’ve already advertised online so that’s good and we’ve included the direct link below. So to those who’ve asked me please accept this as the reply. Radio will also be sold as a 10 metre radio also. Link is below:

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y924mkzd

Photo shows AE-6110 but size is ok, detachable microphone on 6120VOX

And rumour is USA it’s coming to you too….

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  1. Ah, an all-too-rare opportunity to see something new from the EU in the guise of a 10 meter radio, you say? Deeee-lighted! I wish it was a more common occurrence. I wonder under what brand we’ll see this in the US…


    • Hi Fred. Thanks for the comment. Brand I’m not sure as only hearsay about that at the moment but the rumour is SURE it’s going to come to your shores.
      My $1 thought maybe Stryker but to be fair it’s truly a guess and nothing in stone
      Best Wishes


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